Supporting techno-entrepreneurs

Our vision

Our experimentation workshops will hopefully stimulate the emergence of innovative prototypes in Wallonia, may them come from a private initiative or from a research project. The Atom-IT project by WSL wishes to help such prototypes to quickly reach a wide market by providing their respective techno-entrepreneurs with advanced, personal advice about the technologies that best fit their needs.

All the WSL partners freely benefit from the services of the Atom-IT project. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Integrated chain of value

More precisely, WSL offers integrated services that spans all the chain of value for products related to IoT and/or data science:

As a public entity, WSL wishes to be as neutral as possible with respect to the underlying technologies that are used throughout this chain of value. As a consequence:

IoT networks

The IoT network is clearly the core component of an IoT solution. We work in relationship with the following IoT network infrastructures, and we can actively showcase each of them to our partners:

Cloud infrastructures

Similarly to our partnerships with providers of IoT networks, the Atom-IT project will soon establish partnerships with the providers of cloud infrastructures that are active in Wallonia.

Software engineering

Besides the services about IoT and data science technologies described above, Atom-IT subscribes to the importance of the promotion of software engineering for its partners to create robust commercial solutions.

Accordingly, the WSL partners can be provided with training about the professional metholodogies that are used in the industry to develop software.

The Atom-IT project also carries on technological watch about a wide range of domains that are peripheral to IoT and data science (Web frameworks, computer languages, databases, telemonitoring, cryptography, blockchain, open-source licenses, e-Health, telecommunication standards...).

Atom-IT server

As a support to our experimentation workshops and to the professional services dedicated to our partners described above, the Atom-IT project wishes to provide a shared software platform to serve as a common ground for all of these interactions between the manufacturers of connected hardware and the providers of data analytics solutions.

As a consequence, the Atom-IT project has developed a free and open-source server dedicated to collecting, storing and transmitting information provided by IoT/M2M devices. This so-called "Atom-IT server" is lightweight, standalone, cross-platform and multi-protocol. Its source code is available on GitHub.