Atom-IT sessions

WSL is the key partner of techno-entrepreneurs in Wallonia. WSL is a Startup Advisory Service that coaches persons or companies with entrepreneurial projects in areas related to engineering sciences. Given the fact that Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly getting more and more importance to our digital economy, WSL wishes to stimulate the emergence of a strong dynamics related to IoT and data science in our region.

According to this vision, WSL periodically schedules experimentation sessions about IoT throughout Wallonia. These sessions take the form of a 3-hours workshop and are the occasion for students, researchers, companies and entrepreneurs to get their hands dirty with IoT technologies for the first time.

Session picture
Session picture

The content of the session consists of a general introduction to the IoT ecosystem, followed by a "hands-on" experimentation time. Each participant is given an Arduino board equipped with a radio module, together with some sensor (temperature, light, or sound). At the end of the session, the participant will be able to send data from her sensor to some IoT network, and inspect the content of the collected data inside the cloud.

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