As a Startup Advisory Service, WSL wishes to stimulate cooperations between our partner companies that are active in the field of IoT and/or data science. To support this objective, this page indexes the various partners of the Atom-IT project. Let's leverage our respective expertise!

The indexed companies are made of the current WSL partners and of the WSL alumni. External partners wishing to benefit from the visibility of the Atom-IT project are warmly invited to get in touch with us.


  • 4Inch's Snugr IoT WSL partner

    Snugr is used by people who want to make life more comfortable at home while cutting energy consumption.

  • Altaneos Prototyping

    Altaneos is an electronic and embedded software design house that helps industrials to create and sell innovative products of high technology.

  • Ampacimon Connected hardware WSL alumni

    Dynamic Line Rating is a new technology belonging to the « smart grid » world of innovations to actively manage electricity grids. It is made of stand-alone sensors installed on high-voltage lines.

  • Cefaly Connected hardware WSL alumni

    Cefaly offers the best safety efficacy ratio compared to current anti-migraine oral medication.

  • Cytomine Data science WSL partner

    Cytomine is a rich open-source web platform for the collaborative analysis of small to very large images (big imaging data).

  • Engie M2M External partner IoT

    Engie M2M, a subsidiary of Engie, is a new Belgian network operator, designing, deploying, maintaining and commercializing the Sigfox network destined to the Internet of Things in Belgium.

  • Esia Data science WSL partner

    Esia supervises your network infrastructure and offers a global vision centralised in one sole interface.

  • FabSpace 2.0 WSL partner Data science

    FabSpace 2.0 is the European open-innovation network for geodata-driven innovation by leveraging Space data in particular.

  • Micromega Dynamics Connected hardware WSL alumni

    Over the last 15 years, Micromega Dynamics has specialised in the field of control and structural monitoring in various markets targeted to both small and large organisations.

  • Nomics Connected hardware WSL alumni

    Improving diagnosis and therapy with non invasive sensors and automatic analysis.

  • OSCARS WSL partner Data science

    OSCARS is an innovative independent consultancy company specialising in the Oracle Spatial sector.

  • Opinum IoT Data science WSL partner

    At Opinum, we develop simple solutions that help you to keep track of your building data, including usage, consumption and others.

  • Osimis Data science WSL partner

    Our mission is to make image management and sharing in healthcare and other sectors simple, powerful and cost efficient through the use of free and open-source software.

  • Pepite Data science WSL alumni

    Data-driven solutions are at the heart of PEPITe’s holistic methodology. Our robust technologies and best practices are grounded in historical data, data validation, and data mining.

  • Phasya Data science WSL partner Connected hardware

    Phasya offers solutions for detecting drowsiness and measuring eye movements (i.e. blinks, saccades, pupil dilation). These solutions are based on eye tracking technologies using eye images.

  • Proximus External partner IoT

    Proximus offers a complete end-to-end solution for IoT in Belgium, which consists of three building blocks: sensors, network and application.

  • Quimesis WSL partner Connected hardware Prototyping

    Quimesis turns its customers innovation projects into working products. Starting from an idea, we can support any technological project from early feasibility studies to mass-production.

  • Selinko WSL partner IoT

    We give every object a digital identity to connect them to the Internet of Things. This identity enables us to offer brands authentication, grey market detection and consumer engagement services through the integration of an NFC tag in your products.

  • SmartNodes IoT WSL partner

    SmartNodes has developed and markets a smart electronic module for smart lighting management.

  • Space2m IoT Data science WSL partner

    From space to Internet of Things: A software platform developed to be hardware independent integrating space technology to create added value for the user.

  • Taipro Engineering Prototyping WSL alumni

    Microsystem design, prototyping, and manufacturing.

  • The Labs Prototyping WSL partner

    WSL Labs est un espace de bureaux et d’infrastructures de pointe dédié aux entreprises des domaines de la micro-électronique, des micro-systèmes et du software engineering.

  • The Things Network External partner IoT

    We are a global community over 87 countries building a global Internet of Things data network.

  • V2i Data science WSL partner

    V2i develops, uses and markets solutions to solve problems linked to the structure dynamics.

  • WeLL WSL partner

    Le WeLL est le premier Living Lab wallon dédié à l’e-santé. Nous mettons l’innovation au service de votre santé et de votre bien-être.

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